Saturday, August 05, 2017

tsum tsum(Game)

tsum tsum center

Tsum Tsum Character list in game

遊戲guides(summary from tsum tsum center)
1) 要connect 3個以上的tsum

2) connect 7個以上的tsum 會有
 i)"Magic Bubble" or 
ii) a bigger version of the Tsum

(from tsum tsum center)

3)big Tsum counts as 5 Tsums on its own。

4) You automatically get one heart every 15 minutes up to a maxium of 5

5) Last Bonus
If you run out of time and you still have magic bubbles the game will give you a "Last Bonus" and automatically pop them for you... you won't get any additional benefit but at least you will get the points and coins for clearing the Tsums with the bubble. Also if your character is powered up it will do a "roulette" with the characters in the game. It will clear all the Tsums of the "winning" character.

1)  不要移開手from screen, keep connecting it.
這樣就會很快,不需要太準;除非是有mission需要,要準compare with 快
eg, connect 10 個以上的tsum

2) 看好mission來完成
eg, if the game want you to use mickey only can complete, then u need to switch it


在玩著bingo(也在玩著 Find Your Ocean Friends Event,only level 10 can play bingo)
Rewards for completing a card:
  • Card 1 - A ticket that will let you get a "free" premium box
  • Card 2 - Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Tsum Tsum added to your collection
  • Card 3 - A ticket that will let you get a "free" premium box
  • Card 4 - Alien Tsum Tsum added to your collection (or his skill increased if you have him already)
以下有很多tips(very useful)

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